About Us
  • Leonard Schmiege:  Resides in Pinellas county, Florida.  
    A citizen activist that has been working on election reform
    since he was a poll worker in November 2004.  He has
    spent many hours and dollars on this issue.  His company
    Zyvek Inc. does Engineering consulting and builds
    computer control systems with touchscreen interfaces for
    industrial control.  Most of the Video was filmed by

  • Jeannie Dean:  Resides in Sarasota county, Florida.  
    Worked as liason with the New York state senate, and
    volenteers at world trade center during clean up.  A
    commedian and musician with great passion on these
    issues.  Most of the video was edited by Jeannie.

  • Susan Pynchon:  Resides in Volusia County.  You can
    see how dedicated she is from the video.  Susan is
    independent of the Schmiege/Dean team but we have
    worked closely with her and feel that among those
    working to improve the integrity of the election process,
    she is one strongest and clearest voices.  Susan
    Pynchon is the  founder and  Executive Director of  
    Florida Fair Elections Coalition.  A registered non profit
    and we encourage you to donate to it.  (As well as ours
    so we can finish the videos as do further investigation)